Florence Synodical Female College - Florence, Alabama

Florence Synodical Female College

Florence Synodical Female College - Florence, Alabama

For the last half of the 19th Century, the Florence Synodical Female College was one of the leading seminaries in the South. Situated in a town whose people are noted for culture, refinement and hospitality it was destined for success.

Founded in 1855, by the Presbyterian Synod of Nashville, the college sent out hundreds of cultivated Christian women to “refine and adorn the land” and regarded woman not as a mere ornament to society, but as an equal factor with man in the life and progress of the age.

The campus (which sat on the site of the current Florence Post Office) consisted of two substantial brick buildings (a dormitory and an academic building) that took up the entire city block. The campus offered easy access to downtown stores and churches.

Florence Synodical Female College closed its doors in 1893.

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  1. Here’s a some info on the Female Synodical College from the Florence-Lauderdale Public Library Local History/Genealogy Dept’s files on the College:

    The Florence Female Synodical College was founded to train genteel young women to take their place in the home and drawing room.

    The buildings were built in 1855 by Zebulon Pike “Uncle Pike” Morrison (1818-1895), a Virginia native, cabinet-maker and contractor, undertaker (in the firm of Z. P. Morrison & Sons), and, from 1880 to 1890, Mayor of Florence. “Uncle Pike” built the Florence Wesleyan building in the same year.

    According to a *Florence Gazette* advertisement for the school of Friday, October 6, 1855, Rev. James L. Rodgers, A. M. was President and Professor of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.

    Misses Jane E. Miller and Julia M. Scovell were Assistants in the Literary Department.

    Prof. August Newmayer and Mrs. L. M. Newmayer were teachers of instrumental and vocal music.

    Prof. E,. Lambert taught French, Spanish and Italian.

    Mrs. J. Scovell taught drawing and painting.

    Terms were per session of five months, payable in advance.

    Primary Department, viz. spelling, reading and writing – $12.00

    Preparatory Department Department, viz. arithmetic, English, grammar and geography – $15.00

    Academic Course – $20.00

    College course – $25.00

    Music (piano) – $25.00

    Music (harp) – $25.00

    Music (guitar) – $25.00

    On June 22, 1889, J. B. Hawthorne wrote a letter to the editor of the *Florence Herald* bout the college, in which he p-raised it, stating: “We know it by its fruits. Its graduates adorn hundreds of our Southern homes.”

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