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What’s with your tagline: We Are Alive to the History of the Shoals?

When the Florence Times (now the TimesDaily) was first published back in 1890, it was a newspaper proud of their community. Not only was their tagline “The People’s Paper”, but in the masthead of each issue of the paper the editors claimed to be “progressive and vigorous in its policy for the upbuilding of Florence and Lauderdale County”. They wrote that they were “alive to the interests of its patrons”.

We’re reviving that idea. The idea that the history of the Shoals should be for the people. All people, not just the history majors out there. We want to renew interest in the history of the Shoals area to this current generation. The important and significant past of our area is starting be be forgotten. We are striving to keep it alive through this website.

We are alive to the history of the Shoals!

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  1. Born and raised in Florence (Forest Hills area) 1961-1979. Graduated from Bradshaw HS 1979, then enlisted in the U.S. Navy. I still consider Florence a major influence in my life and fully embrace the rich history and tradition of the Shoals area. I still have family members that live there. Currently retired from the Navy but live in Mobile AL and work for the Navy (Supervisor of Shipbuilding Gulf Coast) at Austal Shipbuilding in Mobile, AL.

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